Shoulder Dislocation


You are playing a pickup game basketball with friends when you jump up to grab a rebound. Someone grabs your arm and pulls it back to block and you feel your shoulder slip out of place.  Suddenly you have severe pain and can’t move your shoulder. The game stops. One of your buddies tells you he thinks…

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Rotator Cuff Tear

Shoulder joint pain

Your doctor has told you that you have a rotator cuff tear. What does this mean? A rotator cuff tear involves one or more of the four muscles that starts on your shoulder blade, the scapula, and inserts on your upper arm, or humerus. These 4 muscles work together to lift and rotate your arm and keep…

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Elbow Basics

Anatomy of the human elbow

The elbow is primarily a hinge-type joint whose function is to help us position our hand in space.   When we flex our elbow it brings our hand towards our mouth and when it extends our hand moves away from our mouth. Elbow Bones There are three bones of the elbow. One is the humerus, or the upper arm…

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